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My job is to create a complete image for my customers; To sell a suit is easy, but to groom a man is more demanding.

- Remon Danforah

On the basis of such a principle, Remon (pronounced "ruh-MOAN") Danforah has built one of Birmingham's most stylish men's clothing shops. Remon Danforah's grandfather has a friend in the clothing business in Ramallah, 10 miles north of Jerusalem. Remon started working in the tailor shop when he was five years old. The shop was tiny, with three employees making custom-made suits. Remon did simple alterations, and then began making men's suits. "I grew up there, working in that tiny shop."

In 1973 Remon was 16. He had a sister living in Birmingham, and a deep, burning desire to succeed. He traveled to the United States, arriving on a Thursday. That Saturday he went to see the owner of Robert Tailoring Company. Without speaking a word of English, he made a "me work" pantomime, sewing with an imaginary needle and thread pulled through the air. He started working that Monday, earning $55 a week.

He began working extra hours, doing alterations at night. Within two years of his arrival, he opened his own alteration shop with a $50 sewing machine. Remon laughs now as he recalls sitting in his new shop on the first day thinking: "Lord have mercy, what did you do, Remon?"

A year and a half later, Remon opened a slightly larger shop where in addition to doing alterations he began selling men's clothing. That small shop located across the street from John's Restaurant 16 years ago was the modest beginnings of what is now a truly first-rate men's clothing store which simply bears his name: Remon's.

People like Remon Danforah and it's obvious that Remon likes people. People are everything to him. "There's no business without relationships. Knowing your product and enjoying what you do, makes you the best at what you do." Remon is genuine.

"My job now is to create a complete image for my customers." Remon explains. "Because my background is in tailoring, I am able to offer my clients a superior level of expertise in selecting the proper clothing and achieving a perfect fit. There are many stores that can sell you a designer suit or sports jacket, but the most important thing is the fit and service after the sales transaction has long been completed. My clients are confident that the clothing they purchase from me will fit them perfectly. They also know that the garments will be tailored at no cost forever, regardless of whether the customers gain or lose weight over the years. I've also learned, that people also want to meet the person whose name is over the door, and that's one of the reasons I'm almost always here."

Remon prides himself in meeting the sartorial needs of some of Birmingham's most visible business and professional men with some of the world's finest clothing.

The shelves and clothing bars are filled with exceptionally beautiful clothes from some of the most venerable designer names around: Hickey Freeman, Pal Zileri, Mabro, Zanella, Borrelli, Cole-Haan, Michael Toschi, and Robert Talbott. To complete the look, he offers his customers an impressive array of ties, cufflinks, and eclectic accessories.

Remon travels to New York City several times each year to personally select new and unique items for his inventory, and to keep his finger on the pulse of the constantly changing fashion industry.

There is nothing casual or impersonal about Remon's relationships with his customers. Their ultimate satisfaction ensures his own. It is no wonder that many of them never shop anywhere else. His commitment to serving them well is reciprocated through their loyalty to him.

— B-Metro Magazine